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President Obama

Change has come to America!

President Barack Obama
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A community for supporters of President Barack Obama
Welcome to president_obama

This community was created for supporters of President Barack Obama and his administration. After going through a spirited campaign we have now reached our goal. Here, we can discuss all aspects of the Obama presidency and the future of America. Everyone is welcomed, from all parts of the world.


1. You don't have to be affiliated with any political party or group to be a part of this community. We do ask, however, that you be a general supporter of Mr. Obama, or at the very least, not be a detractor. We're not here to blast one another with insults or have ideological battles with those people who do not like Barack Obama. Those who come in and insult the members of this community or make hateful or crass remarks about the president will be removed. As the President himself said, you can disagree without being disagreeable.

2. Your posts and comments will not be censored, however we do ask that that you use discretion [read: lj-cut] when posting things that may be deemed inappropriate for our young members.

3. Participate! This community belongs to you as well. You keep it moving. Post discussions, news, etc.

4. All entries must be in English, or have English translations.

5. No vague entries. You must post an article, discussing with details, etc. Articles must link to source.